Bali Relief Efforts 2020

Welcome to the MOR Project – Bali Food Aid Relief Efforts 2020. Your invited to watch video and written content within this page, view how addicts can find freedom from active addiction and give back to their communities.

The MOR Project has always been a vehicle celebrate recovery and undertake projects to further the good of the community, educate and break stigma attached to addiction and recovery. Addiction is a self-centred venture into despair and disconnection with communities, loved ones and, oneself.

The Bali Relief Efforts 2020 Project not only helps those in desperate need of food it also gives the person looking for freedom from active addiction and the recovery community a means of re-connection, purpose and enabling to become productive members of their societies.

We the members on the ground of the MOR Project doing food distribution in Bali Indonesia are addicts and alcoholics in recovery, but we remember where we have come from. Many of us recall the struggles of trying to live day to day and the pains associated to the realities of living a trapped in the cycle of active addiction.

During the month of May 2020 MOR Project thanks to working in collaboration with Scholars Of Sustenance (SOS) have delivered 2675kg of rice & 350 boxes of food to villages in the far North of Bali. So far this we have delivered 775 food parcels (Sembako) to the Bali Beach Boys in need in the Canggu region. This is an ongoing project and we need your support.

Also supported by SOS the MOR Project is delivering daily food parcels to the – Feed the Bali beach boys MOR Project campaign. Our target here is to support and feed the beach boys in Bali from other parts of Indonesia who cannot access help from the villages (Banjar) of Bali. These guys don’t have Bali registration (KTP) therefore many are restricted as to where they can travel. Support is minimal, if at all and, with no tourists visiting the beaches of Bali no work.

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The reality for many of those living in Bali from other regions of Indonesia at this present time is many Indonesian residents in Bali cannot travel out of their suburbs due to not having the right identity cards (KTP) during the coronavirus lockdowns. With their families in other parts of Indonesia this leaves them being some of the most in need and unable to access food, not being able to work and having no means to pay for lodgings.

At the beginning of May 2020, the MOR Project teamed up with Yayasan (Charity) Scholars Of Sustenance (SOS). Scholars Of Sustenance Yayasan & MOR Project – Pergerakan Pemulihan are both fully licensed charities with the support of government bodies.

In month of May 2020 with the support of SOS, Intrprepidmoto/JoyRide Bali and your donations, we have been able to feed those in most in need and build a network learning where we can best serve the needs of those most needing support .

MOR Project are working fast towards utilising the Movement Of Recovery Community Resource Space located in Prime Denpasar to have persons representing each community of the Bali Beach Boy crews and representatives from the Denpasar city regions meet at the centre via appointment to pick up parcels to dispense to those in their communities most in need.

SOS have been distributing food in remote villages and regions of Bali Indonesia over four years and have extensive knowledge of where help is most needed and how best to distribute to those in need. SOS have the only government license to distribute food in the main Denpasar City Region, where many people are now jobless, struggling to eat and are sitting in a very uncertain future.

And Together with Your Help “We Can Do M.O.R.”