About Movement of Recovery

MOR is a social media venture designed for those in recovery to have a voice from all cultures and better help those seeking information from addictive addiction related problems. The M.O.R team has previously undertaken road trips through New Zealand and Australia, whereby with the use of helicopter drones, Go-pro footage and video we delivered daily feeds to the audience via social media into the life of recovery on the road. We are about to embark on a road trip through Indonesia meeting supporters and others in recovery along the way and filming amazing sights and fun along the way. The philosophy of MOR is that ‘Recovery is to be Enjoyed and Not Endured’ of which we aim to show the audience and have them partake.

Mission Statement

Movement of Recovery aims to be a vehicle that can bring a global voice to recovery. To unite and inspire individuals to be all they can be and all they are meant to be.

To break through stigma and fears people have to reach out for help.

To educate the public and those willing to help and to build a movement that will undertake projects to further its primary cause driven by its members and supporters.


For MOR to remain non-affiliated to any Recovery programs i.e. 12 Step - Smart - Rational Recovery and understand Recovery comes in many different forms.

Respecting the rights of individuals to break their own autonomy allowing each individual the right to disclose their recovery path and truth.

To have no opinion on other institutions or organizationsand never compromise the cause of the Movement over monetary gain or societal views or governmental policies.

To always understand conflicting views will always be a part of anything when creating change and remain non-shaming and non-blaming in our cause.

To align with other networks who also have the same cause but never when that party is a business for monetary gain.

To be transparent in all our affairs to its members and supporters


To break through stigma and misconceptions attached to addiction and recovery educating the public and those seeking help.

Encouraging others to become active members in the MOR Movement to grow as a collective.

Offering insight into persons walking the path of recovery from all parts of the world through video and social media and media.

Giving a voice to Recovery and the most introverted persons that may feel they have nothing to offer when they do themselves and their truth.

To build a Movement that undertakes projects to further its primary cause driven by its members and supporters and endeavour to be fully self-supporting.

Nev D.

I remember my mother's tears, my sister dying from an overdose, my family being torn apart from addiction. Prison cell walls and the walls I created in my own mind to protect myself from myself. Dealing drugs, manipulating and stealing. Lying to all those who I knew. Never having had a job and feeling unworthy of academic achievement. Selling drugs is all I knew.

Fifteen years ago ( after many years of trying recovery ) I allowed a movement of people to love me when I couldn’t love myself. Fifteen years later as a social worker, and registered drug and alcohol practitioner and having built a dream by becoming the founder of Bali’s No 1 addiction treatment center: Sivana Bali holistic addiction treatment facility I found that dreams can come true when others believe in you. Those few that stand by you when others and yourself say "cant".

This year, I allow myself to let go and to take a journey to find brothers and sisters who inspire and strive to make a positive contribution to this world we live and make a positive change. Those who embrace life today and allow others to shine. Join The Journey, it's just a ride, we can make a difference together.

Joh M.

I am from a family that is less able to express our feelings and thoughts, so that we are not close to each other. And I also feel lonely as a child longs for the figure of a father and feels he has never received support from him.

Until Drugs and Alcohol became friends who can meet my needs.

Drop out and to move schools and driving accidents. But my mother was always present to me until finally she became ill and died. From there my guilt grew bigger and increased for drug use. Up to the saturation point. And also most of my peers died as a result of their differences. I prayed and begged to get the way of recovery and if I could not, I would die in my addiction.

My prayer was granted and I was moved to help others like me. For more than ten years, I have worked in the rehabilitation sector and become one of the founders of the foundation and rehabilitation in Bali and Solo. Doing the M.O.R road trip is one of the dreams to see some cultures in Indonesia and spread recovery messages along our path. And become part of the growth of the recovery community in Indonesia.