The Mission

As the world faces possibly the worst economic downturn since the great depression many are finding it hard to cope. The area of mental health globally is deteriorating and in Indonesia, approximately 93% of mental health facilities closed due to the pandemic.  Indonesia is not up to global standards by any means and those falling under the poverty line usually only have the options of Shamans and local healers.

In Indonesia, it is not uncommon for someone fighting schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, addiction or other forms of mental illness to be chained, caged, or isolated as there are very limited resources available and significantly less due to the pandemic. Families are torn apart watching their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers face a life of isolation. It is common for these individuals to live without access to proper sanitation, nutrition, or communication causing truly unbelievable suffering.

Bali Bersama Bisa are doing something about this in launching the first-ever “Lisa” (Love Inside Suicide Awareness Help Line Bali ) suicide hotline. The services for the hotline are available in English and Bahasa as well is being operational around the clock. The team of over 10 collective NGO’s consisting of licensed psychiatrists, medical professionals, and addiction and mental health specialists are creating the first ever community mental health facility for the people.

By joining this mission, you will be providing access for hundreds of children, families, and adults to get their FREEDOM back!
Help us break the chains, open the cages, break down the stigma and allow the people of Bali to experience FREEDOM!
Funds will be used for the creation of a stabilization unit.


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The Event

The participants of this event are guaranteed a memory of a lifetime in a grueling 8+ hours of thousands of meters of elevation changes in this extreme hiking experience to the top of one of Bali’s biggest mountains.  The trail is not for the faint of hearted, this will challenge you Physically but even more MENTALLY as you will walk the mountain ridge top with sheer cliffs all around in an off the track, unforgettable mountaineering experience.

The track itself is not a tourist track, you need to be physically and mentally prepared for this journey. Your authentic mountaineering experience will be combined with camping in an off the map region of Bali and all necessary food and water for duration of event.


September 04 - 05th
(Subject go PPKM and Indonesian government Regulations)
The Cause/The Problem

Bali Bersama Bisa launched the Indonesian Lisa helpline on the 6th of April and followed up with the English version supported by the Indonesian Immigration and Ministry of Manpower. The Freedom Summit will allow for a crisis unit behind the helpline, where are a team of professionals can provide emergency suicide prevention and stabilization services.

The emergency services are provided free of charge to save the lives of those currently facing suicidal thoughts, depression, and mental illness. Currently, the Lisa hotline is receiving dozens of calls daily which are managed by the professionally trained support bodies. The team of professionals provides crisis management communication directly to the individual suffering and with emergency services of Bali to provide emergency evacuation and send to the Crisis unit for stabilization.

As a participant in the FREEDOM SUMMIT you will be raising funds to go directly to support crisis management and the emergency situations. The mission includes psychological, emotional, and mental stabilization, medical treatments, and support for long-term rehabilitation. The Bali Bersama Bisa team will then integrate individuals back into the community. This includes advocating clients into the professional training of legal and financial services as well is food and well-being assistance in multiple forms.

This was needed before Covid-19 and now with the rise of mental instability and rise is suicide is needed more than ever!

Your money will directly save life’s!